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vinyasa flow.

Energising. Invigorating. Fluid.

A flowing class synchronising breath with movements as you move mindfully through a sequence of poses. A great workout for the body and mind. Step out feeling energised and rejuvenated.

dynamic vinyasa flow.

Powerful. Strengthening. Rejuvenating.

A more dynamic version of our Vinyasa Flow class, synchronising breath with movements as you move mindfully through a sequence of poses. Step out feeling strong, toned and powerful.

strong & flexible.

Dynamic. Balanced. Stretchy.

This class incorporates a dynamic vinyasa flow and stretching techniques for the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Step out feeling stronger, energised and nourished.

slow flow.

Mindful. Nourishing. Feel good.

A delicious, slower paced flow class perfect for days when you want to take it down a notch, but still feel good. Mindfully move with your breath. Step out feeling lighter, energised and rejuvenated.

rocket yoga.

Fun. Energising. Uplifting.

A fast-paced practice with its own unique flow sequence, encouraging a bit of playfulness and fun. A very fluid class suitable for all levels and the perfect morning pick-me-up! Step out feeling uplifted, light and refreshed.

express flow (45).

Energising. Fluid. Dynamic.

All the goodness of our regular 60-mins flow class packed into 45-mins, for when you don’t quite have the full hour to practise (hello, lunch hour!) but still want to get moving. A flow class synchronising breath with movements, leaving you rejuvenated, energised and feeling stronger.

beginners yoga.

6 week course. Level 1 & Level 2.

Our beginners yoga course is perfect for anyone new to yoga or with some experience looking to refine your basics. An extremely complete fundamentals yoga course – you wouldn’t want to miss it!

mum + baby yoga.

6 week course.

A delicious hour of baby yoga intertwined with baby massage, music and postnatal yoga for Mummies. A great bonding experience with your baby along with movement and strengthening poses for you after pregnancy and labour. Suitable from 8 weeks to crawling.

candlelit yoga.

Dreamy. Calming. Light.

A soft, dreamy yoga session entirely lit by candlelight. An atmospheric candlelit class combining a sequence of gentle movements, breath work and meditation to help you unwind from the day and switch off from the busyness of life, releasing stress and tension and inviting calm and relaxation. Step out feeling lighter and more balanced.

power yoga.

Fluid. Energising. Strong.

A stronger, more fluid vinyasa flow class perfect to kick-start your day, as you awaken your body and mind through a series of flowing movements and mindful breathing. Step out feeling energised and ready to take on your day.

candlelit yin yoga.

Soft. Deep. Still.

Set against candlelights, this deep and relaxing Yin class is the perfect addition to your weekly practice. Longer, passive holds to melt into your fascia as you surrender yourself into the poses, letting go of any tension and calming the nervous system down. Yin is highly recommended as a supplement to your more dynamic Vinyasa practice, and for those who are seeking to unwind. Step out feeling blissful and relaxed.

pilates + barre

yoga-pilates fusion.

Strengthening. Lengthening. Dynamic.

This unique fusion class combines the power and benefits of Pilates and yoga. Core and abdominal strengthening, with stretching and flexibility. The ultimate toning class to get your heart rate up while leaving you feeling relaxed. Each session will include a breathing exercise and short meditation. Leave feeling energised and strong.


Energetic. Strengthening. Creative.

A fast-paced practice inspired by the ballet barre, this is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with yoga, Pilates, dance and strength training. Step out feeling stronger and stretched.

pilates flow.

focused. dynamic. fun!

The perfect blend of Pilates + yoga, our Pilates flow class is fun and dynamic. You will work on your core strength with plenty of flow and fluidity between sets. Incorporating a little reformer work and breathing + stretching, leave feeling energised and strong.


mindfulness meditation.

Grounding. Calming. Still.

Turn your attention inwards and focus on the present moment to still the mind and body. Useful if you’re feeling stressed, unsettled or ungrounded. Step out feeling at peace, relaxed and calm.

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