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A flowing class synchronising breath with movements as you move mindfully through a sequence of poses. A great workout for the body and mind. Step out feeling energised and rejuvenated.

slow flow.

A slower-paced version of our Flow class, flowing mindfully through poses and transitions. The ultimate feel good flow class as you move, breathe and stretch. More chilled and less of a sweaty flow, yet with the strength and alignment work that we love from a Flow. 

candlelit yoga.

A soft, dreamy yoga session entirely lit by candlelight. Combining a sequence of gentle movements, breath work and meditation to help you unwind from the day and switch off from the busyness of life, releasing stress and tension and inviting calm and relaxation. Step out feeling lighter and more balanced.

wind down yoga.

A blend of slow stretchy flow, yin and restorative yoga. Filled with mindfulness, slow breathing, reregulation and lots of calm. Especially designed to give you that breather you need.

dynamic flow.

A more dynamic version of our Flow class, synchronising breath with movements as you move mindfully through a sequence of poses. Step out feeling strong, toned and powerful.

yoga chill.

The perfect self-care class to chill you out on every level, body, breath, mind, emotions and soul. A blend of slow flow, yin, restorative and gentle chakra yoga with hints of pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation and nidra. Unwind and stretch out at the end of your week so you can float into your weekend.

candlelit yin yoga.

Set against candlelights, this deep and relaxing Yin class is the perfect addition to your weekly practice. Longer, passive holds to melt into your fascia as you surrender yourself into the poses, letting go of any tension and calming the nervous system down. Step out feeling blissful and relaxed.

strong flow.

A flow class with an emphasis on building the core and using flying up energy. The perfect balance of strength and flexibility, and may include inversions with some back bends. Step out feeling stronger, energised and nourished.

pilates + barre


Strengthening. Lengthening. Dynamic.

Step onto your mat and feel the difference in this class which focuses on improving your strength, stability and posture. Our Pilates class has a strong focus on the core and breathing, strengthening and lengthening the body through a series of targeted exercises. Step out feeling strong, stable and balanced.


Energetic. Strengthening. Creative.

A fast-paced practice inspired by the ballet barre, this is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with yoga, Pilates, dance and strength training. Step out feeling stronger and stretched.


beginners yoga.

6 week course. 

Our beginners yoga course is perfect for anyone new to yoga or with some experience looking to refine your basics. An extremely complete fundamentals yoga course – you wouldn’t want to miss it!

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