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The Nook Urban Retreat is a mobile free zone. Please take calls outside and leave your phone in lockers during classes or treatments for yours and everyone else’s peace of mind.

Kindly remove your shoes in our shoe free zones. Mismatched socks are allowed!

No outside food is allowed. Please also refrain from using e-cigarettes inside.

Keep The Nook Urban Retreat nice and tidy; this includes the common areas, lockers, and studios.

Arrive 10 minutes early for any classes or sessions. No one wants to be rushing around trying to prepare for relaxation.


Keep conversation quiet and to a minimum whilst waiting for your class to begin. We hope that you make friends here, but please respect that others want to relax!

Try to avoid eating a large meal 2 hours or less before your class.

Please dress appropriately and cover up in the common areas – we want everyone to feel comfortable here! To get ready for your class please use the changing facilities and refrain from getting ready in the studios.

If you have any injuries or are expecting please let your instructor know at the start of your class so that they can be mindful of any adjustments they can make for you. We recommend that pregnant women do not practise in their first trimester.

Be mindful of your limits and appreciate your body for what it can do, not what others can do. If you require a modification for a pose, please ask your instructor. Yoga is a practice, not a competition!

Respect everyone’s space – please ensure your mat does not encroach on the space of anyone else’s.

Savasana is your time. During your yoga practice you have earned this time to rest. So please take it before ending your session.

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