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Our space

We set out to create a space that is beautiful, cosy and calm. Every aspect of The Nook has been carefully considered, from the Scandinavian infused design to the natural elements that come together in a minimal fashion.

Time for yourself

Tune out the noise, tune in to yourself. Alongside our yoga studios, we have also created a little meditation nook in a quiet corner of The Nook. We have carefully designed this meditation nook to be cosy, comfortable and calming to ensure you can completely step away from the world. This is your time for yourself.

A woman meditating in The Nook meditation corner
A woman meditating in The Nook meditation corner
Woman in chi mudra meditating

A ritual to enjoy

At The Nook we serve a selection of teas from Canton, a family-owned, independent tea company. Canton purchases each batch of tea directly from small farmers who handpick every leaf to ensure the sweetest and most complex flavours make it into the cup. Choose from beautiful flavours such as Lychee and Rose, Wild Chai, Genmaicha and Lemongrass & Ginger.

We are proud to serve Canton teas in our Studio during workshops and special events.

The Nook tea lounge menu
Tea being weiged out onto scales
The tea station at The Nook
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