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Yoga students in a variation of eagle pose

our story

In 2018 I was juggling a demanding career in London and alongside a fast-paced lifestyle, life quickly became exhausting. I eventually suffered a burn out; physically and mentally.


I slowly recovered and in that process realised that a huge reason I ended up where I did was because I never carved any time for myself. I wanted to practise a bit more self-care but did not know how. Then, someone recommended yoga and meditation – I gave it a go and was hooked from my first sun salutation!

I hope to encourage others to lead a more mindful and creative life and hence The Nook was born. I now juggle running The Nook alongside Willow Rose Studio, my calligraphy and illustration studio, and being a mama to a cheeky toddler.

Our team at The Nook is made up of some of the most amazing people I know. All of them are so dedicated to what they do, have incredible passion for yoga and wellbeing, and genuinely enjoy teaching you all they know. I hope you will pop in and give our yoga/Pilates class a go. Make time for yourself today!

Much love,

our space

We set out to create a space that is beautiful, cosy and calm. Every aspect of The Nook Urban Retreat has been carefully considered, from the Scandinavian infused design to the natural elements that come together in a minimal fashion.

Join our team

We're always on the lookout for yoga, pilates and barre instructors. If you are interested in joining our team, pop us an email at along with your CV and a short cover letter.

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