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Backbend Workshop

Date: Sat 27 Apr
Time: 3 - 4:30pm

Cost: £25

In this workshop, we will look at what is needed physically to move into back bending postures and work on lengthening the front body. We will explore the roles hips and shoulders play in back bending and when strength may be needed.

We will explore backbends in a variety of ways, from more restorative positions to more active postures and finish with time to rest. In particular focussing on:

Camel and camel drop back

Full Bow & Pigeon backbend

Exploring dropping back

Exploring Kapotasana

Some experience of yoga is useful (this workshop is not suitable for complete beginners) but there is no expectation or requirement to be able to move into any specific postures to attend.

This workshop is taught by Lauren Turner.

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Inversions & Tricky Transitions Workshop

Date: Sat 1 Jun
Time: 3 - 5pm

Cost: £32

This workshop is accessible for all levels, whether you are working to find a headstand or crow or you are wanting to work on more challenging progressions such as side crow to headstand, one legged bakanasa and handstand press.


For those with a more advanced inversion practice we will work into funky Pincha, peacock, firefly and experiment with linking inversion sequences together taking influence from the later ashtanga series

In our session together, we will explore creative and playful ways to find alignment and to balance upside down. You will be guided on using props and drills to support you finding stability in your inversions.

This workshop is a great opportunity to have fun with our practice and to work into poses we often tell ourselves we cannot do!

Includes a lovely tea and cake break half way through to re-fuel!

This workshop is taught by Lauren Turner.


Rocket Yoga Inspired Course

Date: Sat 15 Jun - 6 Jul
Time: 12:45 - 2pm

Cost: £58

We are excited to bring this highly popular style of yoga to the studio this June. Rocket Yoga is a favourite in London and San Francisco. It is a style of yoga that is less available in the Midlands so be sure to snap up this opportunity to learn Rocket!


Based on the practice of Ashtanga Yoga with poses from the Ashtanga series, Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced style of flow yoga.


During this course we break down Rocket series 1 and series 2, the latter series being more focused on backbends.


In Rocket there are plenty of options to work into lots of inversions and this course is an opportunity to rapidly improve and develop your practice through high intensity yoga and challenging sequencing.

This course is taught by Lauren Turner.


Wellness Retreats & Spa

by Growing Little Ones

Growing Little Ones is home to Wellness Retreats and Spa experiences, designed exclusively for Mums and their little ones. We hold space for love, connection and nurturing through our Baby Hamam & Spa experiences and Self Love & Healing Retreats for Mums to nourish themselves throughout Motherhood pre/post-natal. 


Our Baby Hamam & Spa includes a Floral Milk Bath, Guided Full Body Massage & Facial, Mini Professional Photoshoot + 2 Digital Prints, Afternoon Tea refreshments, including a Wellness Tea and Guided Meditation/Breathwork for Mums. 


Our Self Love & Healing Retreats for Mums feature a Sip & Paint experience, Self Love & Manifestation Workshop, Meditation & Breathwork, beginner friendly Pilates and a Wellness Brunch. 

Interested in hiring our space for your workshop or event?

We host events, courses and workshops from some of Coventrys leading teachers, sign up to our newsletter and enjoy priority booking of future events

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